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At IntoJobs, our core focus is to guide people from all backgrounds and circumstances into sustainable career pathways. Whether you’ve been out of work for a while, you have a disability, you want to transition to a new career — or even if you’ve never had a job before — we can help.
Find the right Job for you

Job Seeker Programs

Workforce Australia – Enhanced Services

As a Workforce Australia employment service provider, we recognise there can be various barriers to job seekers gaining employment. We are breaking down these barriers with our employment support services.

Transition to Work

Transition to Work

Our Transition to Work (TtW) employment service provides individualised support to young people aged 15-24. We will help you transition into work (including apprenticeships and training) or education.

Career Transition Assistance

Career Transition Assistance

Our Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program offers support to people aged 45 years and over, looking to return to work or transition into a new career. Part of this process involves identifying your transferrable skills, and then building a full résumé to ensure your transition back into work is as easy as possible.

Employability Skills​ Training​

Employability  Skills Training

Our Employability Skills Training (EST) is all about helping you become job ready through intensive pre-employment training. EST will teach you a range of skills to help you effectively function in the workplace. You will understand the expectations of employers, both during the recruitment process and as a new employee.

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