Barry shines in new role after five years unemployed

When Barry Love first walked through the doors at IntoJobs Dandenong, he was a little lost in life.

The 53 year old hadn’t worked since 2017 after experiencing difficult personal circumstances. He was having issues with his health and wellbeing, and had difficulty understanding the new Workforce Australia scheme.

Instead of giving up, Barry was determined to find work which would give him purpose. He was connected to IntoJobs Mobile Employment Consultant Tulsi Dave to help get him back on track.

Tulsi supported Barry by providing assistance and guidance, introducing him to Kate Carmax from Back to Work, a local counselling service which helps participants with their mental health, self-esteem, and gets them into the right mindset to get back into work.

Tulsi also assisted Barry by providing him work clothing, phone credit, transportation, food and money for public transport.

IntoJobs and Mas National Regional Leader Renee Briggs-Gordon later put Barry in touch with the Australian Meat Group, where he underwent a three-day pre-employment training program.

“Barry’s eagerness to get back into the workforce really shone. When I first met him, I remember he said ‘I just want to work’ which is why the team was so determined to get him into employment right away,” Renee said.

“After his last day of training at the Australian Meat Group, he came back into the office and was very excited to announce he would be starting work that night. Barry is now looking forward to the positive changes he can make for his future, with the whole Dandenong IntoJobs team behind him every step of the way”.

Barry said he found IntoJobs’ service to be the best, “They have helped me a lot more than any other service I have been with in the past.”

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