Empowering artists to build their own business

Passionate furniture designer Liam Starcevich’s dream of turning his craft into a full-time profession became a reality through the Self Employment Assistance program, delivered by IntoJobs and Mas National*. 

The program has become a game-changer for independent makers and designers like Liam, providing them with financial assistance, skills and support to run their small businesses for up to 12 months. 

Having studied architecture and completed an intensive course in design and furniture making. Liam’s talent caught the attention of the prestigious art space, Jam Factory in Adelaide, where he was accepted as an associate. 

Liam then discovered the Self Employment Assistance program, which provided him an opportunity to set up his own business, Liam Starcevich Studio. 

The financial support provided by the program allowed Liam to focus on expanding his product range and establishing a professional business. Reflecting on the experience, Liam said, “The program pushed me to prioritise aspects like financial spreadsheets and business plans. Left to my own devices, I might not have recognised their importance or taken the initiative to develop them.”  

Self Employment Assistance is a government initiative designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and equip them with the necessary tools for success. The program offers practical and confidential guidance and support on starting and running a small business from coaching, registering business names, website domains, business plan development, mentoring, and setting up an ABN through to financial, marketing and strategic advice. 

Liam benefited from monthly meetings with Business Navigator Rachel Kammerman, who provided business coaching, tracking his progress and identifying potential opportunities.  

Rachel believes that the program is particularly well-suited for young artists and creatives who need assistance in transforming their startups into sustainable and professional businesses. “We often see creative individuals who are solely focused on their craft, neglecting the business side. The program helps them shift their perspective and make their ventures viable in the long run,” she explained. 

In addition to coaching and financial support, the program also facilitated connections and networking opportunities with other local businesses. This experience has laid the groundwork for Liam’s future plans, particularly his focus on building relationships with interior designers. 

If you would like to find out more about Liam’s furniture and unique design identity, visit https://www.instagram.com/liam.starcevich_studio/ 

Need help starting your business idea or taking your micro-business to the next level? Visit https://intojobs.com.au/self-employment-assistance/ 

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