Olsson’s Salt Supports Jobseekers Facing Barriers to Employment

Olsson’s Salt, a family-owned business in Port Alma, Queensland, is helping jobseekers overcome obstacles to employment. Mobile Employment Consultant Kelly Loram from IntoJobs is leading the effort, with the support of Olsson’s Salt Manager Rob, to collaboratively address employment obstacles faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Kelly emphasised the pivotal role of employer engagement in facilitating successful service delivery and outcomes for jobseekers, “Rob’s commitment to providing opportunities and giving people a fair go has resulted in the employment of three participants from IntoJobs. Some of our participants face multiple barriers, but he’s always up for providing people with a chance,” she said.  

The partnership between Olsson’s Salt and IntoJobs is marked by open communication and support. Rob’s understanding of his employees’ challenges and flexibility in work arrangements contribute to their overall well-being and success. 

Kelly shared, “At times, we’ve visited Rob at the salt farm to gain a better understanding of their operations and what they’re all about. Likewise, Rob makes an effort to come to our agency and catch up with us when he’s in town. This ongoing communication allows us to discuss any additional assistance that may be required on a case-by-case basis. It’s a collaborative effort where we determine what further support is needed.” 

Rob not only hires employees but also collaborates with IntoJobs to offer training opportunities, such as obtaining forklift licences. He recognises the potential of his workforce and takes proactive steps to enhance their skills. 

One success story is Lucas, a Jobseeker with multiple barriers who received support from IntoJobs, including transportation assistance, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and skills training, leading to employment at Olsson’s Salt. 

When Lucas joined IntoJobs as a Jobseeker, he had no skills and no identification, essentially starting from scratch. Kelly provided him with transportation and a bike to attend appointments and interviews. IntoJobs also supported him in obtaining PPE to present himself professionally during interviews.  

Recognising the importance of upskilling, IntoJobs supported Lucas by enrolling him in the Four Winds program. The program proved instrumental in helping him gain valuable skills and boosting his confidence.  

Additionally, they helped him navigate the process of obtaining his driver’s licence, which he accomplished independently. With Lucas ready and eager to start working, Kelly reached out to Rob and reverse-marketed Lucas for an available position. 

Lucas’s application was successful, and he has been thriving in his role ever since. He continues to receive support and opportunities for further skill development from IntoJobs. Kelly makes regular visits to the farms, providing post-placement support to both Lucas and Rob. These visits also allow Kelly to gain valuable firsthand insights into the operations of a solar salt farm. 

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