Crafting Business Success in Capella, QLD

Wooden It Be Nice has gone from strength to strength in the rural town of Capella, Queensland, showcasing the talent and dedication of local crafters, Katrina and Will.  

Katrina and her partner both had a passion for DIY and woodworking skills they learned from their grandfathers. However, it wasn’t until after three decades that the pair began woodworking more seriously at home due to unexpected health issues.  

As friends, family and the local community noticed their woodworking skills, requests for custom orders and restoration projects poured in. Katrina learned about the Self-Employment Assistance program delivered by IntoJobs*, which helped kick-start their small business venture.  

Thanks to the program, the pair now work for themselves, turning what was initially a setback into a huge opportunity. Both agree it’s more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to salvage materials and make a positive impact on the environment, “Wood is such a huge carbon store on the earth, why just get rid of it?” They shared.  

Wooden It Be Nice specialise in using recycled and sustainable material, crafting wood burn signs, wishing wells, breakfast trays and anything in between. Along with custom orders, the pair run a market stall at several weekend markets in the region. Katrina says, “Through the business we have been able to expand on our values and focus on sustainability. We use recycled pallets and materials mostly.”    

Notably, they delivered a stunning set of wooden plaques, made from recycled materials, resembling the state of Queensland to a local Government Agency. “Creating something that exceeds our clients’ expectations is a massive reward for us,” Katrina said. 

Self-Employment Assistance provides guidance on all aspects of running a small business, from developing a business plan, managing finances, marketing strategies and legal considerations. The program’s comprehensive support is designed to help entrepreneurs succeed. 

Katrina said one major benefit of the program was the marketing and advertising support from the IntoJobs team, “Support for social media and marketing was invaluable. As someone who’s not particularly tech-savvy, extra knowledge has been a game-changer and it really got us off to a great start,” Katrina shared. 

As part of the program, Katrina meets monthly with IntoJobs Business Navigator, Amelia for Business Coaching sessions. These sessions not only help with future planning but offer an opportunity to reflect on their journey and appreciate their achievements, “Despite the challenges of starting a business, we are determined and staying true to our roots and values. The coaching has helped us to see all that we have achieved so far,” she said.   

Learn more about Wooden it Be Nice by visiting their Facebook page. 

*IntoJobs is a part of the IntoWork Group 

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