Wendy shines in new role

Mark and Wendy

Wendy Honey was the sole carer of her mum for eight years. When she was admitted to a high-care facility, Wendy felt lost and directionless. She wanted to change this, so she decided it was a good time to get back into the workforce – she just didn’t know where to start.

Always having had a keen interest in office work and administration, Wendy was nervous to re-enter the workforce because she lacked experience and confidence. She looked to the IntoJobs Narre Warren team for their help in setting her up on the path to success.

The team provided Wendy with practical support by training her with up-to-date office technology skills, help updating her resume and even took her shopping for appropriate work wear.

IntoJobs Customer Service Officer Nicole Meister said Wendy’s enthusiasm and initiative were evident from the get-go.

“We had planned a shopping trip to Fountain Gate for work clothes. Wendy arrived early and spoke with shop assistants all before our meeting time,” she said.

“When it was time to hand her resume in, she researched places she liked, then went and personally handed her resume to those places.”

Wendy knew she’d found her new job when she walked into Malkin Lawyers. She offered to do a work trial at the firm for a few hours.

“Wendy used the tools and support we provided her to build her confidence and skills to reach her goals. She started with little confidence and direction, but she now believes in herself and has the skills to get back into the workforce,” Nicole said.

Wendy started a full-time administration role at Malkin Lawyers in Berwick in February and is extremely happy to be working again.

“Wendy’s personality made her well suited to the role – Malkin were looking for someone with life experience and they were willing to work with Wendy to continue upskilling her,” Nicole said.

“Wendy has been very happy with our services – she had a great connection with the Narre Warren team. Great job Wendy!”

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