Employability Skills Training helps create bright futures

Deane, Kyra and Zac came to IntoJobs determined to find stable employment.

Through IntoJobs’ Employability Skills Training (EST) program, they successfully found their feet and learnt the skills they needed to enter the workforce.

The EST program is designed to help people develop the skills and confidence to secure sustainable employment.

When Deane first came to IntoJobs, he had a patchy work history, limited computer skills and an out-of-date resume. He was also fed-up with his situation and knew he had to put in some work to change it. “In the first week, Deane started to open up about his past work history, personal battles with drugs, relationship breakdowns and what his life looks like now,” EST Facilitator and Placement Coordinator, Jade Foote, said.

Throughout the program, Deane demonstrated his strong will power and determination which helped him persevere.

“His resilience and patience excelled every day, and by the end of the course he developed his confidence of technology and had a clear vision of what his employment potential, and future could look like,” Jade said.

His hard work paid off and Deane was offered a cleaning role at a mill in the last week of the course.

“He has now been in the role for a few weeks and continues to build himself every day,” Jade said.

“He inspires me with his determination and drive to change the future every day.”

Kyra started the program at a time in her life when she was battling with unstable housing and homelessness, but was determined to build a stable future for herself.

She had a dream of starting her own child-minding business and was connected to IntoJobs for some help.

Jade connected Kyra with IntoJobs Business Navigator, Steve Chapple, who helped her through the Self-Employment Assistance program.

This program supports entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to life by creating a structured and sustainable business plan, offering workshops, coaching and advice sessions.

Following Steve’s guidance, Kyra made significant steps towards her dream.

“Kyra’s journey has not been an easy one, but she is now positive her life is on the up,” Jade said.

“By the end of the course Kyra had her ABN, an updated resume and cover letter, and even developed business cards with a QR code directing potential clients to her contact details, allowing them to save her business details to their phone.”

“Kyra was a great support to other participants in EST, while also working through her business idea.”

When Zac started the EST course, he was determined to begin a career in the construction industry and build a life he would be proud of.

As he went through the course, Zac developed his resume, built up his confidence and got a forklift licence.

“He put his best foot forward every time. He had an interview where he was not successful, but he picked himself up again and quickly went on looking for more jobs,” Jade said.

“He’s got a fighting spirit and I admire his resilience to get up again from a knock back.” 

Zac went on to secure a work trial which led to a full-time job in sandblasting.

Participants in the EST program learn essential workplace skills such as communication, problem solving, technology and employer expectations, as well as job search skills including resume and cover letter writing and interview techniques.

Undertaken in a group setting, the participants can network with each other and share experiences and learnings before getting connected to local employers.

“The program is open to anyone. We’ve had participants with extensive experience to newcomers, and a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, come to the program,” Jade said.

“As a mentor, all the participants who come into a course make me so proud. All of them take away skills, techniques, and documents they can use to support their future employment journey and create the life they dream.” 

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