Small Business Strikes a Chord with Music Education

With numerous studies showing the benefits of introducing children to music early, one small business is making a big impact. Adelaide-based business Little Loves Music provides a nurturing and accessible environment for local children and parents to get a head start.  

New research has confirmed a strong link between early music education and language development. In response to these findings, the South Australian Department for Education launched a Music Education Strategy in schools in 2019, an initiative that acknowledges the numerous and long-lasting advantages that children can gain from participating in music education. 

Little Loves Music owner, Sera has long supported the research and saw the need for more Group Music Classes in her local area. She turned her vision into a reality when she discovered the Self-Employment Assistance program delivered by IntoJobs and supported by Mas National*.   

The Self-Employment Assistance program, delivered by IntoJobs and Mas National, offers guidance and support for starting and running a small business, including coaching, business registration, planning, mentoring and financial advice. In addition, the program promotes workforce participation, particularly for busy parents seeking work-life balance.  

Sera utilised the program’s business coaching and completed a short course to help launch her business. Since then, she’s been able to make a positive impact in her community and collaborated with community groups to deliver pop-up classes in local and regional libraries, schools, kindergartens and Children’s Centres. 

One young mother introduced her son Oscar, who has a hearing impairment, to Sera’s lessons when he was just five months old, and the class soon became the highlight of Oscar’s week. He’s cultivated a profound love for music, instruments and the opportunity to engage socially with other children. 

Oscar’s mum shared, “Under Sera’s excellent teaching and through engaging songs, he is developing a sense of rhythm and acquiring early literacy skills. Remarkably, at just 9 months old, he has even learned to say his own name thanks to a song they learned in class.” 

Little Loves Music offers group music lessons from the age of four months to five years old, using the Kodály conceptual approach to learning music. Incorporating games, actions and activities to teach songs and music, making it a fun and interactive learning experience. The Kodály concept was inspired by the philosophies of the Hungarian composer and educator, Zoltan Kodály (1882 – 1967) believed that every person has musical aptitude and that a music education should begin as early as possible in a person’s life – firstly at home and then later within the school curriculum. 

Although Sera has been teaching music for over 20 years, ‘all the puzzle pieces came together’ when she discovered the Kodály approach to teaching music.  

 “The Kodály approach has a large focus on singing which is ideal for musical development. Our music sessions cater to different age groups. Parents and children usually start shy but it’s very inspiring and exciting to see the families progress every week.  I differentiate our activities according to the group, modifying lessons for babies, toddlers and small children. Through games and activities, we create a playful environment for learning. The children always enjoy it and the parents do too,” Sera said.  

As a busy mum and small business owner, Sera believes Business Navigator Rachel Kammerman’s support was crucial to bringing the benefits of music to other parents. “Rachel’s constant support and guidance gave me the confidence to pursue my ideas and take small steps towards success, challenging me to improve and providing options to navigate the journey. Her presence and assistance made the path smoother, ensuring I had the necessary resources for success. I am very grateful for Rachel’s expert guidance.” she said.  

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