Empowering Long-Term Unemployed Participants with a Personalised Job Search Approach

Finding sustainable employment after being out of work for a long time can daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidance and support, anyone can find and thrive in their dream job. IntoJobs uses a personalised approach to help participants find work, assigning each participant with the same employment consultant for the duration of their journey who can help develop strategies that are specifically designed to match each individual’s unique situation and help secure lasting employment.

Understanding your goals, strengths and weaknesses

Every job seeker is unique, and has different needs when it comes to finding and maintaining sustainable employment. IntoJobs’ dedicated employment consultants work with participants to understand their individual circumstances, assessing their background, skillset, barriers, talents and interests. We take your individual circumstances into account to assist you navigate the job market with confidence.

Customised programs for skill development

IntoJobs’ range of programs offer training and guidance to help overcome barriers, fill knowledge gaps and equip individuals with the skills and qualifications they need to land the job they want. In today’s employment environment updating technical skills and improving vital soft skills like communication and teamwork are critical. Our employment consultants will use their in-depth understanding of participant’s circumstances to match them up with the right programs.

Assistance with Job Placement

Our established network of local employers means more employment opportunities, especially for those facing complex barriers. We help participants find the job they want, prepare polished job applications, and improve their interview skills – we can even provide transport assistance if needed. Post-placement, both participant and employer will be supported regularly with workplace check-ins, ensuring long-term success for both parties.

Peer Mentoring and Support

Mentorship and peer support are extremely powerful. We establish a supportive community at IntoJobs by connecting participants with seasoned professionals who have similar backgrounds or have overcome similar obstacles. These mentors offer direction, counsel and encouragement, assisting participants in developing confidence and resilience on their career path.

Assisted Employment Options

Finding work can still be really hard! That’s why IntoJobs provides assisted employment options, which allow participants to get practical work experience through internships, apprenticeships, volunteering or other similar programs. These options enable participants to demonstrate their ability, improve workplace skills, and gain confidence, paving the way for long-term employment.

We understand that the job-search process can be complicated, and long-term unemployed people can often face complex barriers. That’s why we take a personalised approach to employment support, and work to create an environment of inclusivity where everyone has the chance to succeed. We know it can be hard to stay positive when you’ve been out of work for a while, but you’re not alone. With the right support, we can break through barriers, helping you unlock your potential and find meaningful, long-term employment.

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