From adversity to abundance

In early 2022 Rob was not in a good place – he was out of work, living in his car, dealing with a breakup and using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

He knew things needed to change but didn’t know where to start getting his life back on track. Rob left Sydney with just the clothes on his back, arriving in Regional Queensland for what he hoped was a fresh start.

He was connected with Mobile Employment Consultant Debbie. Through their regular catch ups, Rob slowly opened up about his past, along with his desire to get back into work and turn things around for himself. Being out of work for 15 months, lacking connections, confidence and workplace skills was a challenge, but one Debbie knew Rob could overcome.

“I knew there was more to him than what he allowed the world to see. He just needed a chance.” Debbie said.

She put him in touch with her network of local service providers who offer assistance with things such as mental health support and accommodation.

Rob started the Employability Skills Training (EST) program, a targeted pre-employment training program which helps participants develop their job search, work readiness and workplace skills. In the program, he created a new resume and cover letter and started applying for jobs. From six applications, he was contacted by three different employers.

He also received a makeover with new work clothes and a haircut after not going to a barber for two years, “He loved the experience and got a pep talk from the barber to motivate him. His confidence was coming back, and it was something to watch,” Debbie said. 

Rob continued to put the skills he learned in the EST program to work, using his spare time to hand out his new resume and connect with local employers.

His hard work paid off, and he landed a job as a storeman and forklift operator. 

Debbie said she knew right from the start that Rob had the determination to get his life back on track; he just needed the support of a partner like IntoJobs, “His employer let me know he made it through the first week, and he was very happy to have received his first pay check. It was an exciting step in his journey to a better life.” 

Rob is now two months in and thriving in his new role – he’s even started looking for rentals in his new hometown. Debbie and the team at IntoJobs stay in touch with both him and his employer to provide any further support they may need. 

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