How do you attract new hires?

How do you attract new employees to your company? How do you ensure that the right candidates are finding the opportunities you offer and engaging with these opportunities? And how do you do all of this while serving your local community at the same time?

This might seem like a lot of questions to cover in such a short guide, but the truth is, the answer doesn’t need to be so complex. IntoJobs will teach you how to attract new employees with just a few simple changes to your approach. Read on to learn more about how this is done.

Focus on culture

Your workplace culture is a key asset as you consider how to attract new employees. There are plenty of stories out there about nightmare employers, so make sure you are the complete opposite of this. If your company scores well on employee experience review sites, you are more likely to bring in the hires you need. A strong culture is also likely to turn your current employees into brand ambassadors – people who are going to sing your praises to potential candidates, even those who didn’t realise they were interested in a new job.

Make your voice heard

Social media provides vital tools you can use to promote what you are all about and to get your company noticed in the job market. Post engaging content on a regular basis, and use video and images to paint a visceral picture of what life is like at your company. The strategy puts you on the radar of more casual jobseekers, away from the traditional opportunity aggregator sites and job boards.

Consider looking to the past

Past employees often represent the perfect candidates for a role. They already know your company, after all, and they will understand what you expect and what you are looking for. Even if you don’t end up rehiring a past employee, these former staff members may be able to refer a suitable candidate to your organisation. It always pays to stay in touch — and to stay on good terms — with previous workers.

Examine alternative jobseeker pathways

There are many ways for great candidates to connect with jobs, so it may be time to start thinking outside the box. Programs like Transition to Work and Career Transition Assistance help candidates to find suitable roles, and partnering with a program provider like IntoJobs can help you tap into a vast resource of talent.

Get a bit of help

A bit of guidance and consultation can go a long way. At IntoJobs, we are always happy to work with Australian employers, and to help them discover how to attract new employees to their company in a more efficient and effective manner. When you choose a responsible service provider like IntoJobs, you are also doing your bit for the local community, providing opportunities to talented members of society who may otherwise have struggled.

Learn more about attracting new employees with IntoJobs

Signing up as an employer with IntoJobs helps you to access new hire opportunities while also helping your local community and giving someone a much-needed opportunity in the jobs market. Reach out to our team and discover more about what we can achieve together.

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