Monica du Plessis: Turning a Passion for Bees into a Successful Home-Based Business

Monica du Plessis, 58, who now runs Mondees Bees in Kidman Park, first found an interest in beekeeping after she was told she needed a “small” beehive in order for her zucchini patch to grow.

“I knew absolutely nothing about keeping bees and had no idea what that need for one small hive of bees would become,” she said.

“I joke that an interest became a passion which turned into an obsession and is now an addiction.”

Ms du Plessis, after learning about the complexity of bee keeping, said she started looking for people who would be interested in hosting her hives in their backyard. It was then that she realised the desire for fresh honey.

“When people were keen to get their hands on pure, raw Australian honey, I realised that there was potential for a ‘side hustle’, that would help me fund my growing hobby,” she said.

After discovering how much leftover beeswax she had, the creative beekeeper started handcrafting beeswax wraps, rolled, moulded and poured candles, as well as bath and body products.

Ms du Plessis also makes handcrafted bar soaps, lip balms and beard oils and balms.

“Everything we make contains either honey, beeswax or both,” she said.

Ms du Plessis said her love for bee keeping was at the heart of what she does.

“The more I learn about these amazing insects, the more I am in awe of them and the more committed I become to honouring their contribution to society.”


Published: The Advertiser – Adelaidenow, 11 August 2023

Monica was supported during her Self-Employment journey by IntoJobs delivery partner Mas National, part of IntoWork Australia.


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