Overcoming adversity to land the job

It’s been a long and arduous journey for Richard Brown who was determined to land his dream job.

Richard was running his own plastering business but was struggling to make ends meet, “I was doing some scrap metal work trying to keep the house afloat but I felt like I needed helping finding the right direction, that’s when I came into IntoJobs.”

Richard had exposure to the security industry through family – his two older brothers were working in security as bouncers and his father in law ran a security business, and was interested in following that career path himself but wasn’t sure where to start.

The IntoJobs team in Casuarina delivered by GTNT Group helped Richard get into a security course, assisting him with transport to courses and helping him with police checks and accreditations.

Richard’s Mobile Employment Consultant Nicolette supported him every step of the way, “Nicolette was there throughout the whole incident. I found her support very helpful and easy. She helped me with police checks, and always persisted when I was hard to get in contact with due to being very busy,” he said.

Things were looking up for Richard, he was three days from completing his security qualification, a Certificate II in Security, when suffered a significant set back – Richard was the victim of a random violent attack that left him hospitalized and unable to finish his course.  Sustaining severe nerve damage in his arm, it was a long recovery process, “I’ve had some counselling, but it has been hard. I still get spasms in my arm and have some numbness in my fingers but I have most of my motor functioning back,” Richard said.

Richard was determined to success though, and as soon as he was discharged from hospital, Richard contacted the training company he to finish the remainder of his course and continue his goal of a career in security.

In April, he started work as a security officer with MA Security, “My boss is really good, and he really cares about his guards. We had a person threaten to stab me, my boss immediately had me moved to another setting and bought me a stab proof vest, they’re just wicked,” he said.

Richard is now working at Palmerstone Shopping Centre where he finds he is able to engage with the public and deescalate situations, and use his range of skills including his abilityspeak First Nations language, “I’m really enjoying it. Coles is always asking for me to be there, they think I’m really good at what I do. I’ve been assisting with arrests and giving statements.”

IntoJobs Mobile Employment Consultant Nicolette provides ongoing support to Richard and his employer and said she is very proud at how far Richard has come, “Richard proved hard work and persistence does pay off. He could have given up after the incident but he was determined to keep going with the course because he wanted to protect others and now he is loving his new role,” she said. 

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