The Good Earth Bookshop fulfills a literary dream

In Wentworth Falls, a small Blue Mountains village known for its scenic beauty, Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed with the success of her Good Earth Bookshop’s ‘pop-up shop’.

However, her joy was short-lived as the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to suspend operations.

Undeterred by the setback, Mary remained resolute in her pursuit of turning her dream into a thriving business.

Recognising her determination, Mary’s job coach at Springwood AtWork recommended the IntoJobs Self Employment Assistance program as a stepping stone towards achieving her aspirations.

It was through this program that Mary found the means to breathe life into her vision.

With a rich family heritage rooted in literature, Mary drew inspiration from her father, a soil scientist and environmentalist, and her mother, an academic well-versed in history, English and French.

Their combined efforts became the bedrock of her bookstore’s name, The Good Earth Bookshop.

Having taught English literature for three decades, Mary’s ultimate dream was to establish a bookstore that paid homage to her parents, celebrated the Earth, promoted the arts and fostered community spirit.

The IntoJobs Self Employment Assistance program provided Mary with the necessary support and momentum to propel her dream forward.

Subsequently, she secured a larger permanent location near her initial pop-up shop. The new premises accommodates an array of hot desks and workshop areas available for hire.

The Good Earth Bookshop has become a hub of activity, offering regular events such as Women’s Weekly Meditation, Nature Journaling, Storytime, Book Clubs, Make and Mend sessions, Creative Writing workshops and engaging board game nights.

In addition to the recurring events, the bookstore also played host to special occasions that drew book lovers from near and far.

From captivating Kids Author Talks to the highly anticipated book launch of Joan Sauers’ latest masterpiece, ‘Echo Lake’ and a poignant presentation of Dorothy Hewitt’s poetry by her own family on July 30, The Good Earth Bookshop continues to captivate the literary enthusiasts within the community.

For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, readers are encouraged to visit the official website at or subscribe to the bookstore’s newsletter.

If you or someone you know shares Mary’s ambition and dreams of pursuing a passion, IntoJobs offers valuable support through their Self Employment Assistance program.

To explore this opportunity, contact IntoJobs by phoning 0400 224 848 or send them an email at [email protected].

Published July 19, 2023 in the Blue Mountains Gazette.

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